What Films I’ve Been Watching In 2012

After writing up my top ten of 2012, I looked back at it and realised it didn’t include any films. I thought I would correct that, so here is my top ten films of 2012. Thats right, I’m really bending the rules.

10. That film you can’t believe I’ve forgotten/left out.

Released earlier this year, starring thingy from that other thing. Some people didn’t like it but what do they know?

9. Bourne Legacy

I will hopefully do a longer write-up of this, I’ve got three versions half-finished, so hopefully eventually one will see the light of day so I can finally conclude exactly what I think of it. But in the meantime a potted summary: Action still very good, although you may feel less connected to the leads meaning less hanging on the action. Could still lead to further sequels which I think would be stronger.

8. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Great popcorn spy thriller nonsense starring Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner (the bloke in Bourne who isn’t Bourne). Good fun. If it’s on give it a watch.

7. The Time Travelers Wife

Great drama, science fiction and romance in a very well put together package, if you don’t care about the central couple by the end you may not have a heart*. (*awaiting large-scale studies).

6. Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

Based on the Graphic Novel, Scott Pilgrim must defeat his girlfriend’s 7 evil exes before that can start dating. British Director Edgar Wright puts everything into delivering a truly unique film. It’s Marmite the Movie, so mileage will vary, I love it, already a cult classic.

5. The Social Network

Sorkin writes the rise and rise of Facebook, you had me at hello.

4. The Avengers

The comic book movie which ‘Iron Man’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ have all been leading up to. Immense fun as you’d expect when Joss Whedon gets this much money to play with, it’s Transformers but with characters you care about.

3. Moneyball

Sports Night The Movie. Kind of. Based on the true story of the Oakland Athletics 2002 season as they try new sabremetrics approaches to player recruitment to compete with the likes of the New York Yankees who have three times the payroll. Sorkin as ever helps to make the source material extremely engaging.
2. Skyfall

Bond is once again back on form, with Daniel Craig’s third outing. For me it doesn’t quite hit the heights of Casino Royale due to some early plot points which don’t quite gel and niggles slightly through out*. But still an impressive all round effort. (*I’ve been convinced these issues may be just in my head, so will at some point see it for a second time and reassess).
1. Dark Knight Rises

I needed to see it twice to get just how good it is, it’s actually that good. Tom Hardy continues his well deserved rise to prominence with a great performance, along with Christian Bale and the rest of the supporting cast. If you haven’t seen this yet, whats stopping you?