Star Trek: Picard

***SPOILER WARNING FOR ALL OF STAR TREK PICARD*** Needed to brain dump some thoughts i’ve got about Star Trek: Picard. Because I loved parts, liked others, and really disliked others. I’ve got a rough structure of a series which really would have satisfied me. A big massive caveat that i’m not in anyway qualified to […]

Halt and Catch Fire

Someone I follow on twitter who’s opinion I respect often mentions how if you value independent websites and blogs on the internet. You should continue to create and contribute to them, not just consume. That rung true for me because of my array of personal sites which hadn’t seen much new content in a long […]

Yes, Prime Minister

Momentum, thats what the key word for this blog, so i’m going to try and cut a lot of my usual waffling pre-amble. This blog is about the New Yes, Prime Minister Series which has just finished showing on Gold. I’ll cut to the end and say overall I was disappointed. To understand what was […]